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How Salesforce Makes Money

Benioff likes balance.

Salesforce has had a no-good, very bad year. In 2022, Salesforce stock has dropped 47% as of this writing. December was no reprieve for this firm as resignations were inbound from both the co-CEO and the founder/CEO of Slack.

Nevertheless, Salesforce is a giant business. As of Q2 2023, the firm has five lines of business generating over $1 billion in quarterly revenue.

  1. Sales
  2. Service
  3. Platform & Other
  4. Marketing & Commerce
  5. Data

Not bad, but revenue can be a bit of a lagging indicator because it is backward looking. Technology companies chase growth above all else. For Salesforce, all five lines of business are growing by double-digits; Slack is leading the pack while data secures the rear.