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Power Play: Suits and Uniforms

When did physical "comfort" become a male priority?

American men are addicts – booze, porn, and video games – but one addiction is ravishing communities everywhere: the overreliance on athleisure.

When men are willing to sacrifice self-respect for "comfort," male privilege is out of control. In large swaths of American life – whether at a congressional hearing, school function, or house of worship – there is no distinction between grown men and adult children. A once proud country is publicly diminished by its own ... all in the name of avoiding "work clothes."

Do better, gents, and always remember.

  • Your heroes wore suits and uniforms all day, every day.
  • Your heroes sought booze, justice, and women – but never "comfort."
  • Your heroes made many timeless speeches, but none were made wearing "technical apparel."

For inspiration, we look east. The Prince of Wales King shows the way in this excellent video.