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Avoid This Person At All Costs

Low-conviction partners are poisonous.

Earlier this week, I described a straightforward test for assessing potential long-term partners.

But what type of partner should you avoid?

Low-conviction partners.

Low-conviction partners are poisonous because innovation doesn’t happen through general motion. Instead, it takes high-conviction action — the ten-percent extra effort, the purpose-driven attitude, and the stop-at-nothing sales pitch.

Because low-conviction people understand their inherent weaknesses, they mask it. They will complete work, but not with enough sharpness to make a difference. They will take calls, but the person on the other end will sense their distance. They will say yes — and yes, and yes — but won’t commit themselves to excellence. They will do just enough to get by, but never enough to get ahead.

To build a great team, avoid low-conviction partners.