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Global Infrastructure 2040

Global governance — the lead element historically — is in ruins.

The World Bank goes deep on the infrastructure gap — the distance between what needs to be spent and current spending trends.

It’s not pretty. Main points (in no particular order):

  • By 2040, the world population will increase by 2 billion, or 25%
  • The global city-based population will grow by 46%
  • By 2040, global infrastructure need will reach $97 trillion
  • Forecasted spending shortfall is $19 trillion
  • Half of infrastructure spending needs are in Asia
  • China needs to invest $28 trillion in infrastructure
  • The United States has the most significant investment gap: $3.8 trillion
  • China has the second largest investment gap: $1.9 trillion
  • Roads and electricity are the largest needs

The central tragedy of infrastructure is that when deep public-private investment is most needed, global governance — the lead element historically — is in ruins. Watch this space.