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McKinsey’s New Boss

McKinsey epitomizes the establishment

McKinsey has a new boss, its 12th since 1926

In the mind of global elites, McKinsey epitomizes the establishment. It recruits the best students from the top business schools, supports the most successful businesses, and parties in Davos.

But unlike its establishment peers — notably, GE under Immelt — McKinsey’s business is booming. Under Dominic Barton, McKinsey doubled revenues over the last decade.

McKinsey’s new boss, Kevin Sneader, lifted the lid on its success: “More than half of what McKinsey does today did not exist even five years ago.”

Think about that for a second.

McKinsey is nearly 100-years old. At the same time as doubling revenue, it has created entirely new lines of business — totaling billions of dollars — such as its digital labs.

In other words, McKinsey is anti-establishment. It is disrupting itself.