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Podcast as Master Class

Adam Tooze masterfully dissects the global economy.

Diligent and prepared, Ezra Klein is a thoughtful podcaster. The Vox-turned-NYT reporter stands apart from his peers simply because he's interested enough to throw an occasional heater in the form of specific, probing questions.

His recent conversation with Adam Tooze, however, was something else entirely. Throughout a wide-ranging discussion, the typically well-prepared, well-research Klein was outmatched by his guest.

In just over an hour, Tooze's master class on the precarious state of the global economy is a rare must-listen for anyone who cares about such things.

Available via Apple, Spotify, Overcast (the best) or, if you prefer reading to listening, the full transcript is attached below.


Tooze on Klein-How the Fed Is Shaking the Entire System.pdf
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