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The Anatomy of Elite Education

Comparing the top business schools.

Each year, the FT ranks the top business schools in the world. For those who care about such things, the FT rankings are a big deal.

While the usual suspects – Wharton, MIT Sloan, and so on – seem to always huddle near the top, several elite programs are not widely known outside the club. UVA Darden[1] is one of those sneaky good business schools.

According to the FT, Darden ranks:

  • No.1 public business school globally
  • No.4 in the world for overall student satisfaction
  • No.2 in MBA aims achieved
  • No.2 for its carbon footprint
  • No.4 in Alumni Satisfaction
  • No.16 globally overall

  1. Darden, and UVA more generally, is a wonderful place, and my alma mater. ↩︎